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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

One down, three to go. Just keep swimming...

When they say ‘no good news is good news’ in terms of graduate entry medicine, they are definitely right…I heard from one university; it wasn’t good news. So I may have been in hibernation for a few days...Making a den out of my duvet...Eating a bag of maltesers (read: family box)...I don’t know whether to feel comforted or agitated that the rejection was due to my UKCAT score, and as such they never even looked at my personal statement/rest of application. Although at least I could direct my angst at a range of things I could change, rather than that 90 minute slot of the UKCAT...

 I’m not actually in the ‘we hate UKCAT’ camp, for I’m assuming it must have some credentials as a measure of future medics aptitude for its very widely used (and theres probably a few journal articles on it or something *Scientist*) but I’m not sure it’s the right test to use. I know I’m coming at this from a very skewed and biased point of view though. Its just I’ve known people increase from 600 to 800 in a year, have they become better equipped to be a doctor in that time? Were they already able? It just seems given time anyone can get the greater marks. Maybe that’s the point though, all medics *should* be able to achieve X in the UKCAT before they can progress. Like a prerequisite. Because in all honesty it’s not the questions that are difficult, it’s the time restraints and the stress factor (I’ve clearly have had too much time to rationalise this).  Oh well, I better hope improving UKCAT score on the second attempt is true, as it looks like I’ll be reapplying…perhaps a little dramatic since I have 3 more options so far, but still! (Maybe not quite enough time to rationalise ;) )

-Philley :) x

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